While the world falls apart, and brother turns against brother arguing this or that, we are here to give people a way to speak, a way to be heard, a way to vote for what they believe. What does it cost them? Donations to charity.

Every transaction made of either VAXMOON or ANTIVXMN has a 1% tax that goes directly to a shared charity wallet. Every quarter this charity wallet will be donated in full, to a charity.

But who chooses the charity? The team? NO! This project will be a true DAO. Before each donation a community token holding vote will be held. Proposals will be voted on. A charity will be chosen. But there is a catch! Only holders of the token with the best performance over that quarter gets to vote!

Upon vote completion, the team will donate the entire contents of the charity wallet to the winning charity. All donations and transactions will be shared publicly and recorded on the blockchain, viewable by all. These donations are guaranteed and not withholdable (as we have just recently seen with the latest trucker fiasco


Marketing Wallet – Quite self explanatory, funds will be used to raise awareness of the token, and take any actions related to increasing the success of the project. The team will publicly share actions taken and all costs involved. Actions such as, but not limited to:

  • Social Ad Campaigns
  • Graphics Design/Art
  • Development of certain token functionality (such as passing multisig wallet control to the DAO)
  • Token Buy-Backs

Liquidity Fund – A small portion of transaction tax goes back into the liquidity pool to ensure that there is always liquidity available for newcomers to purchase the token.

Token Burn – A larger portion of transaction fees are burnt. Thus lowering the supply.

Dough Fee – The final, and smallest part of transaction fees go back to the Dough team themselves. This is a small price to pay for the privilege of using such a fantastic platform to create and manage our tokens. Huge shout out and thanks to everyone at DOUGH for making this possible and so easy to get off the ground. Great work!


While the team has initially supplied the liquidity that you see on pancakeswap, LP tokens are time locked on a rolling 3 month basis. You can view the Dough locker contract here and the mudra locker here


Charity: 0x5de7FE81BA8Ad77C2Ca5F5Ec2fC366555a9FB799
Marketing: 0xe15375cd520fDBF1babF574d42701E72912d4374
Liquidity: 0xE4D4e5EbfD53b056dcfC6982632606Ca39876308



  • Get the project up and running
  • Website
  • Socials
  • Litepaper
  • Tokenomics
  • Token Launch
  • Spread the word!


  • The battle begins
  • First snapshot of Market Caps of both tokens
  • Snapshot integration (governance portal)
  • First Vote
  • Review marketing budget, increase spending


  • First Donation
  • Transparent distribution of charity wallet to chosen project
  • Begin discussion with community about upgrades to the project
  • Second Vote


  • Second Donation
  • Surprise holiday season event


More Votes, More Donations, Further development of the project. Hand over multisig wallet control to the DAO. Remove the team from control of funds. Complete Automation of the voting and donation process (to the fullest possible extent).

Anonymous Team

Due to the… somewhat inflammatory nature of this project the team chooses to remain anonymous at least for the time being. However, the contract owner or “dev” is fully doxxed as part of the Dough Token Creator process. “For every project launching Dough asks the creator of the contract to verify their identity with a biometric and AI verification via our partner Passbase. Dough stores its KYC data at Passbase to comply with regulatory law. Dough will not use your personal data for commercial purposes. The storage of this data is solely processed and stored to prevent fraud, abuse and other malicious intent.”

We have all worked in cryptocurrency for years and have successful projects that make it necessary to run this passion project somewhat under the radar. Perhaps in the future this will change, but for now it is an unavoidable necessity.

Join us in our telegram channels, get to know us.

Welcome to the battle of two tokens!